Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quote of the Day -- David James

"eDeveloper V10 does a great job in handling XML, parallel processing, debugging, and web services. It's a straight forward tool that helps us save time and money, while reacting quickly to our customers' changing business needs."

David James
Senior Developer,

Windows Vista

The much delayed Windows Vista operating system is now shipping from Microsoft.

The official statement from Magic Software Enteprises is that

"eDeveloper 10.1 SP2 and higher will be supported for "Windows Vista".

Previous releases of Magic (including 9.4) are not supported and were never qualified."

Monday, January 22, 2007

New eDeveloper V10 OS Releases Announced

Magic Software has added new operating system versions of eDeveloper V10 to the Downloads Area. These are available for download by customers with an eService account at http://downloads.magicsoftware.com

The new versions posted last week are:

  • eDeveloper Server 10.1 SP1 for IBM AIX
  • eDeveloper Server 10.1 SP1 for Sun Solaris
  • eDeveloper Server 10.1 SP1 for Linux
  • Quote of the Day -- David Schmukler

    XML enhancements and an upgraded RAD

    "...as an IT professional I am very impressed with eDeveloper 10's XML enhancements and the upgraded RAD. As to user experience, eDeveloper 10 allows multiple contacts, permitting two active windows to be open at the same time. This is a significant improvement to the user experience".

    David Schmukler
    Chief Technology Officer,
    New Era Solutions