Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thanks for the Memories: MIUG 2007

What a great MIUG 2007! Thanks to everyone who participated in and attended this year's MIUG 2007. I hope that you will agree that this event provided an excellent foundation for members of the Magic community looking to advance and grow their businesses using the greatest development tool on the market today.

The key word at this year's event seems to have been "transparency." Thank you WIRED magazine for placing this concept top of mind for everyone. You probably noticed a few things that were different at this year's conference:

1. We started by showing our imminent built-in support for PDF. I am thinking that since it took us 6+ years of MIUG to release this feature, we should start each conference for the next six years by doing a PDF demo. :) The reason this is an evidence of transparency is that it showed that we listened to the input from last year, admitted our mistakes, and moved on.

2. The demonstration of he Rich Internet Client is also an evidence of transparency, in that we are showing that the input received during the CAPP migration process of last year has also influenced heavily on our development decisions.

3. Two years ago at MIUG, you may remember that we discussed the need for lower cost licensing models. It took us a little over a year to implement our solution, but we have also responded in a big way with the Discovery/Xpress/Enterprise Edition structure to answer the needs for seeding, affordability and power, respectively.

4. The focus roup sessions were invaluable. I am sure that you will see great things coming from Avishai Shafir as the lead person directing our Magic community programs and marketing.

5. Once again, we were delighted to be able to provide knowledgeable presenters from our R&D, technical support and professional services teams. We also love all of the presentations by each of you in the user community. The depth of your knowledge is invaluable.

6. Having our chairman, David Assia, present with us at MIUG was the icing on the cake this year. David's passion and vision are obvious and I hope that you can see that the future of eDeveloper is bright.

I want to take this opportunity to once again thank Dale and Heidi Schuppenauer and Cabrita Software for organizing the conference as well as SUmmer Remmert for her assistance.

See you all in 2008!