Monday, November 26, 2007

A Little Thanksgiving Housekeeping for eDeveloper v9.4

I know I usually write about the latest version of eDeveloper: eDeveloper V10, but last week's service pack release gives me a chance to mention the latest service pack release for our older development tool version: eDeveloper v9.4.

On Thanksgiving Day (US), November 22, 2007 Magic Software Enterprises released SP8. As always, you can install eDeveloper 9.4 Service Pack 8 using the installation wizard’s Upgrade option, the wizard automatically replaces the files that were modified since your previously-installed version. By the way, if you haven't looked at the samples for v9.4, be sure to look at the samples at:

Hopefully, that gives you something to be thankful for. The Service Pack only includes fixed problems, commonly known as bug fixes, which are shown here in alphabeical order, by name, and with a reference to the relevant QCR:

1. ActiveX – CDO Library (QCR # 249783) eDeveloper failed to show the methods or properties of the Microsoft CDO type library.
2. ActiveX – MgItemSequential (QCR # 755479) The first item in a collection was not retrieved when using the MgItemSequential method of a COM object.
3. ActiveX – Return Value (QCR # 529387) The values were not properly returned when using an ActiveX control defined as "FileSystemObject" of type library "Microsoft Scripting Runtime (Ver 1.0)".
4. Application List – INIPut() (QCR # 916180) A change to the application name via the Settings menu was not saved when an INIPut() function was previously used to add entries to the [MAGIC_SYSTEMS] section of the magic.ini file.
5. AS400 – Get Definition (QCR # 931792) Performing Get Definition on a table with indexes from a database whose name was defined in small letters added the library name as a prefix to the table and indexes’ names.
6. Authorization – LDAP (QCR # 750937) Specifying the wrong password when using LDAP closed the login screen and showed the previous username as the connected user.
7. Authorization – LDAP (QCR # 751594) eDeveloper failed to use Active Directory user accounts that were defined with a comma character in their name.
8. Broker – Monitor (QCR # 769359) The Broker monitor showed a threads peak value greater than the threads maximum value.
9. Browser Client – .NET CLR 2 (QCR # 227844) Executing a Browser Client program on a machine without CLR 1.1 installed did not return the proper error message. *
10. Browser Client – Check Box Control (QCR # 914074) A Check Box control did not show the updated value in Browser Client display when a Verify statement was executed immediately after changing the value.
11. Browser Client – Context Unload (QCR # 976397) An error appeared in the mgerror log file after closing a page with a javascript function when the Context Unload Timeout environment setting was set to zero.
12. Browser Client – Contexts (QCR # 985850) A running context could close another context from another IE session when both contexts ran the same program.
13. Browser Client – Copy and Paste (QCR # 777060) The Copy and Paste options did not work in a Browser Client program that was in Query mode.
14. Browser Client – Cross-site Scripting (QCR # 988306) The eDeveloper requester (CGI /ISPI) had Cross-site scripting (XSS) flaws when using DefHtml Parameter settings in the Mgreq.ini file and writing direct scripts in front of the Arguments parameter in the URL.
15. Browser Client – Field Range (QCR # 287294) Value range on a Date field failed to work in Browser Client when the range contained spaces.
16. Browser Client – Incremental Update (QCR # 900738) Incremental updates did not work correctly in a Browser Client task when a Link Write was used.
17. Browser Client – Screen Refresh (QCR # 917684) The screen was not refreshed correctly when browsing memory tables in certain scenarios.
18. Browser Client – Signed MSI (QCR # 101633) The MSI file that installs the CAB files required for Browser Client execution was not signed, thus it could not be executed on sites using a strict security policy. *
19. Browser Client – Transaction Cache (QCR # 785229) The eDeveloper engine crashed in some specific scenarios depending on the transaction cache when running a Browser Client program.
20. Builders – Components (QCR # 939733) An error was returned when adding new tables to an existing component that already had some tables defined.
21. Builders – WSDL (QCR # 934669) The WSDL builder returned an error when tying to get the schemas from an XSD file with a URL path.
22. Builders – XML (QCR # 987568) The data was not read from the XML file through the "Read XML" program created in the XML component.
23. Cache – Changing Modes (QCR # 966543) eDeveloper switched to Create mode upon changing the mode to Modify on a screen mode program defined with no main table and the Cache Strategy set to "Position".
24. Cache Strategy – Memory Gateway (QCR # 254280) Scrolling using the PgDn and PgUp keys did not work properly when browsing a table whose Cache strategy was set to None and performing Sort by clicking on the table column's title.
25. Cache Strategy – Memory Gateway (QCR # 769691) Scrolling in a backward direction did not refresh the data properly when browsing a memory table whose Cache strategy was set to None and the column sort was used.
26. Call Remote – Performance (QCR # 248012) A performance problem occurred when using the "call remote" mechanism with a large user file. *
27. Checker – ExpCalc() (QCR # 771447) An error was shown when executing the Checker on an expression that had a nested ExpCalc function in it.
28. Checker – Missing Variable (QCR # 681399) The Checker failed to report on a missing variable that was defined in an expression of the "DB SQL Where" property.
29. Components – CallProg() (QCR # 929773) The CallProg() function executed in a component called a program from the host application instead of the program from the component application.
30. Components – Load Immediate (QCR # 915478) eDeveloper crashed when a model in the host application had a select program from a component that was defined with Load Immediate=No.
31. Components – Orphan Tasks (QCR # 991046) eDeveloper crashed upon executing a component program from a host application with orphan tasks during some scenarios.
32. Confirm Update – Nested Tasks (QCR # 929259) Updates made in a subtask were saved even when Confirm update was set to No by the end-user when exiting the subtask and immediately exiting the parent task.
33. Controls – Border Style (QCR # 974253) It was not possible to change the Border style property when selecting multiple controls and changing their style to 2D.
34. Controls – Combo Box (QCR # 937702) The wrong value was displayed in a combo box after creating a record when an expression was attached to both the Item List and Display List properties of the combo box.
35. Controls – Image (QCR # 740281) The tooltip was not displayed for Image controls when the screen resolution was changed to 1280*768.
36. Controls – Image Button (QCR # 985613) The 3D effect of an Image button in SP6c and above was different than previous versions.
37. Controls – Line (QCR # 756240) The cursor was not moved to an Edit control when there was a Line control under the Edit control and the area of the Line control was clicked on.
38. Controls – Slider (QCR # 602655) The Mouse Over/Out event did not work on Slider controls.
39. Controls – Slider (QCR # 656280) The Control Hit event handler for Slider controls was executed twice.
40. Controls – Tab (QCR # 992568) The screen flickered upon scrolling through the records when the form had a Tab control set with expressions on the tab’s Display list and Items list properties.
41. Controls – Table (QCR # 743617) It was not possible to drag and drop the table field's data when the table was wider than the MDI and the caret was positioned on the right side of the table.
42. Controls – Table (QCR # 777255) Records in a table were not correctly displayed when opening a table in create mode, inserting some records and then adding a new record in the middle of them.
43. DB2 – Decimal Value (QCR # 293057) eDeveloper did not display the decimal part of number values on a DB2 9.1 database.
44. DB2 – Expand Form (QCR # 781109) eDeveloper rounded the data when reading data from a DB2 table having a field with data type = DOUBLE.
45. DB2 – Order By Clause (QCR # 777372) The position key segments were also included in the Order By clause created for a linked table locating a non_unique index when using the DB2 and ODBC gateways.
46. Debugger – Flow Monitor (QCR # 728280) The CPU usage was sometimes increased to 100% when reaching a breakpoint.
47. Edit Control – Multi-Line (QCR # 774769) It was not possible to park on a multi-line Edit control by pressing the mouse when a 'click' event existed in the program and the Edit control had an expression on the Enable property.
48. Environment – INIPut() (QCR # 991880) Setting the value of RangePopTime and TempPopTime using the INIPut() function did not work when using it with Force write = False.
49. Events – Control Level (QCR # 915413) The control’s event handlers were not executed when modifying the field’s value, pressing Cancel, and selecting ‘No’ in the confirmation box.
50. Events – Page Header (QCR # 779133) The Page Header event was executed only once even when more than one output forms were outputted.
51. Execution – DEP (QCR # 240904) eDeveloper terminated abnormally during startup when DEP (Data Execution Prevention) was enabled for all programs. *
52. Exit Operation – Background Mode (QCR # 281614) An 'Exit' Operation command executing a batch file in background mode returned an error code (-1) as the return value.
53. Export – Document (QCR # 767712) The contents of the eDeveloper SQL Range was not written to the Export Document file when both the SQL Range and DB SQL Where Expressions were defined in the program.
54. Expression Editor – Repeat Shortcut (QCR # 288555) The repeat shortcut (@) was limited to a 3-digit expression number.
55. Flow Monitor – Variable Window (QCR # 288396) Variables that started and ended with the % (percentage) character were not displayed in the value column of the Variable window in the Flow Monitor.
56. Force Record Suffix – Add Record (QCR # 286131) A new record that was created in an online task defined with Cycle record main = No and Force record suffix = Yes, was not saved when skipping to the next record by pressing tab from the last field.
57. Form Editor – ActiveX (QCR # 764514) eDeveloper crashed when exiting a subtask with an ActiveX control on its form.
58. Forms – Tooltip (QCR # 768929) The tooltip was not displayed if it was defined as an expression that uses a variable from a Link operation when the main display form was other than the default form.
59. Functions – CtrlGoto() (QCR # 764538) eDeveloper did not respond after scrolling through the table using the scroll wheel of the mouse when CtrlGoto() was used in the Record Prefix.
60. Functions – CtxSize() (QCR # 778885) The CtxSize() function refreshed the last used context information when it was used.
61. Functions – CurRow() (QCR # 741409) The CurRow()function returned wrong results if the Resident Task property of the task was set to "Yes" and when the task range was changed so that there were no records in the range.
62. Functions – IOSize() (QCR # 997160) The IOSize()function returned negative values for files larger than 2 GB.
63. Functions – KbGet() (QCR # 772271) The KbGet() function returned a wrong value when used in the Record Main compatible logic unit.
64. Functions – VarSet() (QCR # 300356) eDeveloper crashed when a numeric expression was set to an alpha variable using the VarSet() function.
65. HTML Form – Hyperlink (QCR # 967502) An HTML form defined with Input=Yes and set with a Hyperlink that referred to an eDeveloper program, did not dynamically add the three hidden arguments, Application, Prgname, and Arguments, to the form tags that are generated at runtime when the called child task/program also output an HTML form.
66. Image – Resolution (QCR # 910920) An image was not displayed properly in some resolutions.
67. Import – Special Characters (QCR # 939169) eDeveloper could not import an export of a program that contained special characters in some of its properties.
68. Interface Builder – Web Services (QCR # 334866) When creating a Web Service using the Web Service Interface builder and clicking the Verify Structure button, an error was sometimes received.
69. LDAP – Binding (QCR # 998962) Using OU did not work when entered in the Connection String property.
70. Memo – Tab Display (QCR # 774357) Memo fields that contained the Tab character were not displayed properly when leaving the field.
71. Memory Leak – Link Write (QCR # 911077) A memory leak occurred after executing a batch program having a Link Write operation in background mode when the MaxConcurrentRequests were reached.
72. Merge – Performance (QCR # 775792) Performing a merge operation on a template that had rows and columns took a very long time when there were a lot of rows to merge.
73. MSSQL – Browser Client (QCR # 303363) Link Query defined in the main program was executed after every record execution in any task even when there was a fixed value in the Link Locate expression.
74. MSSQL – Error Handlers (QCR # 728381) eDeveloper crashed while browsing records on an MSSQL database when some rows were deleted from another session.
75. MSSQL – Hint (QCR # 910662) An error was obtained when ‘FORCE_INDEX’ was used as a hint on SQL Server 2005.
76. MSSQL – Locate (QCR # 757582) eDeveloper did not perform the incremental locate properly when typing fast.
77. MSSQL – Numeric Field (QCR # 248887) A numeric field stored as a signed integer with SQL type set to bit displayed as 1 in eDeveloper when the numeric field's picture was larger than 1 and included the N character. *
78. MSSQL – Sort (QCR # 998843) eDeveloper did not send a sort command to the RDBMS when the sort was done by the user on columns from the Main table and Link Joined table.
79. MSSQL – Stored Procedure (QCR # 784462) eDeveloper crashed when running a program that calls a generated stored procedure where a Locate is performed on a field that was moved.
80. MSSQL – View Refresh (QCR # 970880) eDeveloper crashed upon closing a DSQL task after performing a view refresh operation when the result database was MSSQL.
81. Multilingual – Trim (QCR # 912733) The MlsTrans() function returned a trimmed string when no matching translation string was found.
82. OLE – Instantiation (QCR # 782361) An OLE object was not instantiated correctly when it was part of a collection.
83. Operations – Block (QCR # 778724) The 'Block Else' condition was executed even though the 'Block If ' condition evaluated to True.
84. Oracle – Charset (QCR # 756467) The correct row was not retrieved when ranging a value using Picture on an Oracle table and using "NLS_CHARACTERSET=WE8MSWIN1252".
85. Pervasive – Deferred Transactions (QCR # 982443) eDeveloper returned an error when deleting records from a Deferred Transaction program that had a Link Inner Join operation.
86. Pervasive – Duplicate Index (QCR # 774018) eDeveloper did not show the "Duplicate Index" error message when creating records using "Link Create" in a batch program that did not use a Pervasive database transaction.
87. Pervasive – New Table (QCR # 15457) A Unique Identifier error appeared when creating a new table with a float (4) field on Pervasive 9.5 database.
88. Pervasive – ODBC (QCR # 926120) An error appeared when using the Pervasive ODBC Client Interface and executing a program with a certain index definition.
89. Pervasive – SQL Range (QCR # 913959) eDeveloper crashed when performing view refresh on a program with a Pervasive table that was once an SQL table and had an SQL range defined.
90. Print Preview – Expand Form (QCR # 780319) Table data was not displayed correctly in the Print Preview when the Expand Form option was used.
91. Print Preview – Images (QCR # 993173) The Image control on print preview had a different size and display colors compared with image controls in versions prior to SP5.
92. Printers – Number of Copies (QCR # 979100) The Copies property value defined in the default printer settings of the operating system was not shown in eDeveloper.
93. Printing – Multi- line Edit (QCR # 989830) The printed header lines of the second page and onwards were corrupted when printing a report that prints multi-line edit fields.
94. Printing – Tasks (QCR # 777828) eDeveloper sometimes crashed while printing the forms from two tasks into the same printer when headers and footers were defined.
95. Range – Cache (QCR # 994246) Records were not displayed properly when updating them from a batch task and displaying them according to range when not all the variables from the table were selected.
96. Record Suffix – Mouse Click (QCR # 770744) The Record Suffix was not executed when clicking on an Edit control in a child task in certain scenarios.
97. Records Display – No Index (QCR # 759564) Records were not displayed properly when selecting a table that does not have an index and selecting only some of the variables in the task.
98. Requester – HTTPVars (QCR # 996861) Error (-103) occurred when the HTTPVars parameter string in the Mgreq.ini file was too long.
99. Rights – Components (QCR # 765845) eDeveloper sometimes showed controls on a form defined in a component even if the user that was logged on did not have rights for them.
100. SQL – Range (QCR # 755614) An error was received when ranging on a virtual variable that was defined with Null allowed=Yes in certain scenarios.
101. Table – HitZOrder() (QCR # 996362) The HitZOrder() function returned a unique value for the controls in each row in a table instead of returning the same value for all the controls in the same column.
102. Table – Logical Names (QCR # 996418) A gateway error was returned when altering a table that was defined with a logical name in its name and had a foreign key.
103. Table – Width Recompute (QCR # 913114) The table width was recomputed every record after a window resize was done when the Table control had a placement and expression on its Width property.
104. Team Development – ACS (QCR # 292564) eDeveloper crashed on checking out a program when using ACS file for the same database as the MCF.
105. Team Development – Components (QCR # 932448) eDeveloper crashed when activating Team development for components in a specific scenario.
106. Text-based Forms – Horizontal Alignment (QCR # 931771) The Horizontal Alignment property of a variable pasted on a Text-based form could not be changed if the Text control of the variable was pasted near any of the variables on the form.
107. Tools – Export (QCR # 923487) eDeveloper crashed when trying to export an application that has a component using the Tools infrastructure in Background mode.
108. Tree Control – Drop (QCR # 941906) The Drop event did not work properly when performed on a Tree control.
109. Version Control – Folders (QCR # 765202) eDeveloper crashed after performing the version control sync operation on an application with folders.
110. Web Service – Call Operation (QCR # 773587) eDeveloper hanged when loading some WSDL files into a Call Web Service operation.
111. WSDL – Call Web Service (QCR # 996400) Some methods in a WSDL file could not be loaded using the Call Web Service operation.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime with suggestions for improvements to eDeveloper.

Happy Thanksgiving!